Fullstack Software Developer & Technical Consultant

Like a mindful architect, I love creating software with focus on quality, sustainability and efficiency.
I gained proven experience with web technologies and distributed systems
with a passion for parallelisation and automatisation.

As a keen developer I am aiming for cleaner code and new challenges with every project.

Mario Neises


Berlin / Germany

GPG Fingerprint: 1DF5 4391 382C 7748 75D8 F6F3 DC48 BAA0 3D1C ACE0
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My Profession


  • Focus on Continuous Integration
    and Continuous Delivery
    with Test Driven Development
  • Enhancing efficency by introducing
    Knowledge Management and Clean Code
  • Benefits of Scrum and Agile
    Programming, experienced as Scrum
    Master and Product Owner


  • Fullstack experience from Android
    and Single Page Applications
    (Angular, React) up to RESTful web
    services (Spring, NodeJS).
  • Aiming for horizontal scaling with
    a passion for database programming.


  • Java and Design Patterns,
    Object-oriented programming,
    Data structures and Algorithms
  • Networking, Internet Laboratory:
    Client-Server environments, IPTables,

Experience (extract)

Work related

Software Engineer at Sprylab, Berlin, Germany
Backend: Java, Spring, NodeJS, AWS, DevOps
Frontend: Angular, ReactJS

Axel Springer Ringier (Switzerland) - BLICK Payment Services

KILT - Blockchain based Trust Market
(article at Heise.de)
April and September 2016 Teaching «Java for Beginners» at Hochschule Technik Wirtschaft Berlin
June - Oktober 2015 Android App «Coucou - Your Social Mate» (was available on Google PlayTM)
September 2013 - June 2014 Research Employee at University of Applied Sciences Trier for
BMBF funded project
Technical Lead Developer, Play!-Framework
September 2013 Teaching preparatory course mathematics at University of Applied Sciences Trier,
Integral and Differential Calculus
January - March 2013 Voluntary teacher at “Make It Possible“ project by AIESEC, Braga, Portugal
(non IT related teaching)
Software Developer at Swedbank AS, Tallinn, Estonia
Internet- and Mobility Department
Java, XSL, Spring, PKI with e-ID rollout for Latvia and Lithuania
October 2009 - August 2011 Tutor and Scientific Assistant at University of Applied Sciences Trier
Internet Laboratory, Computer Networks,
Object-oriented Programming, Data Structures and Algorithms

Github and code samples

June 2019 Spring Booter - Spring Boot setup with demo user account handling.
Supports DB versioning, unit-, e2e- and concurrency-tests.
June 2019 jConcurrencyOrchestra - Test framework for Concurrency testing, verfiy that your program behaves correctly on (triggered) race conditions.
March 2016 Android App - streaming data via NFC using Shark P2P framework ( APK )
February 2016,
rewritten in 2018/19
Key Derivation Generator in ReactJS, TypeScript + Test Coverage
November 2015 Bucketsort in C + Test Coverage
February 2015 Kruskal algorithm in Scala + Test Coverage
January 2015 Examples of basic operations of Neuronal Networks, introduction for
State of the art and current issues with Neuronal Networks and Deep Learning.
April 2014 Continuous Integration Setup on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS with Jenkins, SVN, Trac
April 2014 Zebra Puzzle solver with backtracking, Java, Ant, Ivy + Test Coverage
December 2013 Solving mathematical expressions with Shunting yard algorithm,
distributed and parallel, in Java + Test Coverage


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